Breakfast without preservatives and additives

Breakfast can be fun and protean every morning. You don't have to eat the one and the same cereal or yogurt every time. And the best of all it can be without preservatives and additives. In order to get that, you need to combine your bearkfast yourself and use fresh unprocessed ingredients - just the ones you like. While shopping it's important to read product info and avoid those that have additives and preservatives in them.

First part of breakfast

Unflavored yogurt

Unflavored yogurt is made of two ingredients: milk and leaven. Compared to flavored and processed yogurt that has many additives and preservtives in them it's a very good choice. Processed yogurt gets its color and flavor from additives.


It's very simple to flavor unflavored yogurt with berries yourself. Fresh picked berries blend in perfectly but you can use frozen or dried berries instead. Just make sure that the berries don't include any chemicals. The best way to avoid that is to pick the berries yourself and then freeze or dry them. It's much cheaper than to but those from the store in the middle of winter. You can buy berries even from the store with a good price while it's season and then feeeze them for the winter.


All kind of muesli and cereal products may also consist lots of additives and preservatives. That's why it's a good idea to put together your own mix of grains and extras. How many times have you wanted to buy something but there is just this one ingredient that you don't like. Well, you can avoid that with just adding your mix together yourself starting with oats. If possible buy them as unprocessed as possible. You can roast or flavor them simply by yourself.

Nuts and seeds

What could go best with the mix than nuts and seeds. You can add them just like that or crushed or roasted. It's all really up to you and your taste.


As an extras you can use fruit bits, honey, chocolate and much more. Just make sure that they have no preservatives or additives added to them.

Second part of breakfast


Eggs are one of the most important part of breakfast. It's considered to be one of the superfoods. Eggs provide you with protein and useful vitamins.

Freah meat

Meat should be cooked before eating. While buying the meat make sure it's fresh and unprocessed. Some fish you can eat raw. While shopping always read product info.


As an extra you can use tomato, cucumber, onion and more. It's your choice. The fresher the better. If possible buy as local as possible. The best is to pick your greens from your own yard.


Eat at least one fruit every morning. Be it a banana, grape, orange or apple. Apple is a very good wakener - has the same effect as coffee.


Fresh bread is one of the best parts of breakfast. We suggest to use seedbread with no preservatives and additives.

Last update: 2015-10-05 (Y,M,D)

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