What should you eat? We compared most of the well-known diets

The amount of different dieting plans is huge and may, therefore, make us believe that healthy eating must be difficult and time-consuming. In fact, it's much simpler. Healthy eating can be viewed from a completely different angle than most of us think.

image/svg+xml Vegetables Fruits Berries Nuts Seeds Grains Meat Dairy Sweets Alcohol What should you eat?

Before we continue with the information of what kind of foods to eat and how those foods are being consumed amongst the practices of ten well-known diets, please take a look at the table below. We have put together a simple chart of food groups and diets to show you what is allowed and what is forbidden when it comes to different eating plans. We have also summarised the results to show you what type of food is the most used amongst those dietary habits. In addition, you can also see what are less used foods, therefore, probably bad for your health. So, what are the differences between ten well-known diets?

image/svg+xml Vegetables Fruits Berries Nuts Seeds Grains Meat Dairy Sweets Alcohol Common healthy diet Low-carb diet Low-fat diet Mediterranean diet Okinawa diet Paleo diet Raw foodism Slow-carb diet Taoist diet Vegan diet WELL KNOWN DIETS COMPARED 10 9 9 8 8 6 4 2 1 0

All the diets shown in this table included vegetables and greens in their eating plan. Vegetables are part of the diet in all of the healthy cultures and nutrition plans. Those include: healthy diet, low-carbohydrate diet, low-fat diet, Mediterranean diet, Okinawa diet, paleo diet, raw foodism, slow-carbohydrate diet, Taoist diet, vegetarian diet etc. Therefore there is no doubt that vegetables and greens are good for your health and longevity.

The same goes for fruits and berries - the only dietary habit that didn't include fruits and berries in our comparison was slow carbohydrate diet. All of the others included them more or less. Fruits and berries have the most important role in your menu as it comes to getting enough vitamins.

Another important group of food is nuts and seeds which were used in eight diet habits we compared. The only diets that didn't include nuts and seeds (or the usage was limited) were low-fat diet and slow carbohydrate diet. Nuts and seeds are something that is most likely to be forgotten when it comes to shopping and eating, but they have an important role in our health. That's where we get healthy fats and proteins.

As you can see from the table more than half of the diets that we compared didn't include meat. And even less of them included dairy products in their eating habits. Therefore it's wise to reduce the amounts of meat and dairy on your daily menu.

image/svg+xml Vegetables Fruits Berries Nuts Seeds Grains Meat Dairy Sweets FOOD GROUPS THAT AREMOST USED AMONGST WELL KNOWN DIETS


As we can see from the information above, healthy eating is not hard to understand and practise. The most important is not to eat processed foods and focus more on vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts and seeds. Balance the amounts of grain products and lower the amount of meat and dairy products. Try to avoid sweets and alcohol - although wine is considered to be acceptable in many cultures.

What we eat is our own decision and so it should stay. As writing this article, all we wish is that you are informed enough and you are considering a move towards healthier living. Take care!

Last update: 2018-08-03 (Y,M,D)

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