How to live long? Secrets of fortunate and gratifying life

When thinking about fortunate, gratifying and long life it is more than common to search for some sort of diet, workout or activity plan. But life is more than just eating and exercising. There is no certain recipe for long and gratifying life that can be applied at any moment, but it is a lifestyle that needs full implementation.

What would be a better way to describe the secrets of long and gratifying life than to visit those places arounf the world where people live much longer than usual and stay healthy until the end of their lives. That is exactly what explorer Dan Buettner did with his team. And they got pretty close to describing the key elements of long and healthy life.

Of course there are people out there that think living long is a pain and misery and surely something that they are not looking for. But in order to become weak, sick and look old you actually dont have to be old at all - some 50 year old may look and sound way too older and some 90 year old may still climb the trees and go for a morning jog. Those that dont care about maintaining their body and soul are more likely to become old, sick and tired way too early in their life.

Considering the data collected from all around the world, there is nine similarities that relate to long and healthy life. These so called secrets are easy to point out but in order to understand them completely they need some explanation.

1. Move naturally

Human being is made to move by its own like all the other living organisms on our planet. When studying those who live long they discovered that they all were moving a lot during the day. It doesnt matter if its walking, working in the garden or taking care of animals. Its important that they moved naturally, just like they did since the beginning of the manhood. At the same time they dont push too hard. What was interesting is that they didnt exercise the way most of us do today - they dont lift weights, go running etc. All their moves come from their environment of everyday life.

2. Have purpose in life

They all have a purpose in life, something to wake up every morning. For them there is no such thing as retirement. They have a calling in life, they like what they do and they work for it every day. It doesnt have to be something big and extraordinary but something they enjoy and have a calling for. A good axample is a 90 year old fisherman who goes to fishing every day and says its something he likes and his mission is to feed his family as long as he lives. Their work is their hobby.

3. Down shift every day

In every day find time to be grateful for what you have and relax. There are many ways to do that: take a nap, go for a walk, meditate, take a coffee break, pray etc. In many cultures its common to have a break off the day at lunch or during the day. All of this is a part of gratifying and health lifestyle in order to down shift every day and have a better life.

4. Don't eat too much

One particular thing the long-living communities have in common is that they don't eat too much. They use smaller plates to serve the food and they followed so called 80% rule, meaning they stopped eating while the stomach was not more than 80% full. There is no point in overloading your organism because it consumes just as much as it needs and the rest turns into fat or finds its way out of the body without feeding it.

5. Move partially to vegan diet

In addition to not eating too much they don't eat much meat eighter. Most of their food comes from plants and they eat meat only couple of times in a month. Often it is said that vegan diet is the most healthy but it's really hard to become a vegan for western world inhabitants.

6. Drink alcohol in small amounts

One suprising fact is that those who live longest drink small amount of alcohol regularly. It's mostly wine and during the meal.

7. Belong to some community

They all have some kind of community they belong to and have the same belief or views that connects them.

8. Have strong family traditions

Strong family traditions have an important part of healthy life aswell. In most cases those who live long have their family all living together. Grandparents watch over kids and teach them lessons of life. If there is a problem the whole family helps and that creates security which is good for the family memebers health, body and soul.

9. Be part of the right tribe

There is this saying: Tell me who are your friends and I tell you who you are. The ones that live long they belong to the right tribe. They are surrounded by the right people who have a part in their long life and health. They say that overweight, depression, loneliness, happyness etc are all contagious. If you surround yourself with the right people and make lifelong connections with them, you quarantee that your life will be worth living and therefore keeps you healthy and happy for long. They all have lifelong relations with someone they can call true friends.

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Last update: 2018-03-19 (Y,M,D)

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