Incredibly youthful people

Certainly, each of us knows someone who looks much younger than they actually is. Below we highlight a number of videos and stories of people who have managed to maintain amazingly healthy appearance and energy despite the long ages.

In Florida, Annette Larkins is a 70-year-old woman who is raising her own fresh foods and feeds mainly on raw food. Her menu consists of fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. She also makes a number of fruits into juice that she consumes in a liquid form. She wakes up every morning no later than 5:30 and feels energetic throughout the day.

Raven is a 61-year-old man in Miami who has been running over 37 years. He runs every day and has not skipped a single day after 31 December 1974, when he missed one day. The number of people run with him every day and they all start running at the beach around 16.00.

The 60-year-old man in New York City is not exactly the most youthful, but look at the form of his body. Muscle and fat percentage of his makes most of the younger men to feel bad about themselves.

Jacinto Bonilla is a 73-year-old man from Brooklyn, New York City, who recovered from prostate cancer, and discovered CrossFit workout six years before making this video.

88-year-old Fred Archambault, who is able to do 20 chin-ups. Quite a number of young men in their twenties are unable to pull even a single stroke on the chin.

Video that makes you speechless. There really nothing more to add.

72-year-old man, who looks like a boy and goes three times a week for a workout.

Consider the fact that while this 94-year-old male finds the strength and power of sport, the average man had already been in the tomb for over 20 years!

110-year-old man who feeds on organic food and has not been sick once in a life. He brings out the best way to diet: garlic, honey, cinnamon, chocolate and olive oil. In addition, he walks every morning. His father was a doctor who lived to the 98-years and recommended to keep away from red meat other than lamb.

Not quite youthful, but an impressive 100-year-old former bodybuilder.

113-year old energetic man!!!

Finally, the video of a 120-year-old woman who can still be able to take care of herself, and harvest her own food to live. In fact, she lives alone, on her own and can handle herself.

Last update: 2015-10-05 (Y,M,D)

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- Incredibly young people
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